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      This Page is curated specifically for my application to Meow Wolf. I wanted to represent my work in a different way than I would for a traditional theater and events position. Below I have selected a few projects that I'm particuarly fond of and are better tailored to this application.

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La Bohème

by Giacomo Puccini

The goal of this project was to produce one of the most prolific works in the operatic cannon in a way that made the story relatable to a contemporary audience. This led us to mount a slimmed down and modern interpretation of Boheme in an active brewery. We had to source and install all of the elements of our show and work alongside the brewery to ensure that they could still make their beer. I served as the Master Electrician and Lighting Designer.

Boston Opera Collaborative

February, 2018 - Turtle Swamp Brewery, Jamaica Plain

Photos: David Orlando, Dan Busler

Directed by: Greg Smucker

Music Direction by: Beatrice Affron

Scenery by: Andrea Nice

Costumes by: Chloe Moore 

Lighting by: David Orlando

N/A Collective

I worked as an assistant technical director and draftsman for this event production agency. My main responsibilities were keeping the CAD file up to date and producing renderings, build plates, and layout drawings for various events. I also worked onsite managing installation crews and supervising event load in/outs.

N/A Collective

Various Events 2017-2019

Design and Producing: N/A Collective

Technical Director: Gary Slootskiy

KIL Claps Back

by Isabella Casado Pelz

I designed and implimented the projections for this event. This piece was written to blur the lines between concert and stage play. The The challenge with this was defining when the design elements were meant to be part of the very DIY concert or to use their fullest potential to heighten the drama of the staged scenes.

BU Senior Theater Arts Majors Productions 

May, 2018 - Studio 352

Photos: Emma Barron, Shannon Clarke

Directed by: Línda Vanesa Perla

Scenery by: Emma Barron

Video by: David Orlando

Sound by: Jacob Montgomery

Lighting by: Austin Boyle | (508)-648-2332

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